by Benjamin Ong

And what was that scar situated from afar?
And what was that light integrated in your mind?

1. This is what Adam had: it was never that he would go to hell, but only that he would be forever without Her — it is not good for man to be alone, and nothing else, he must have thought, is not-good, and therefore he must have known that it is better to lie down in resolved revelry in the star-lit twilight than to burn in shame under the cold, cold sun.

2. This is the heart of man: it is not labour, it is not complexity; it is beautiful bathos, it is the laying down of the sword at the end of the day, it is the last embers of that decadent, defiant fire, the last togetherness and aloneness before they woke up to the hard searchlight of the eternal, the last time they were together and alone, the last time she would feel pain, never to be seen again, the last time she would know that there can be no mercy without suffering, no beauty without pain (for nothing is beautiful but when it is lost).

3. Blessed is he who has seen the heavens and turned them down for the earth, the air, the fire, the water, for it is in all these that heaven is to be found.  Blessed is he who has seen the cobblestone and the brick and the safety-lights and known that there lies heaven beyond it: for there is no good but when there is sorrow.  And thus it is that sorrow is the purest form of being, for in it lies the purest good, the altercation and the redeemed.